Domaine Buffet's philosophy

› Viticulture

To get the best out of our terroir, and so that we can make a wide variety of wines, we employ growing practices which are known as "integrated" growing practices. We do not use weed-killer or anti-rot sprays.

We use ancestral knowledge of soils and of the environments of soils, as follows :

  • Observing plants enables us to garner knowledge about how healthy soil is (for instance thistles and bindweeds will tell us that the soil is badly aired, and that there is little aerobic life). Clover tells us that soil lacks organic matter, and so on.
  • Ploughing, racking and bottling are more or less successful depending on the stage in the Moon’s cycle.
  • Much thought must be put into mildew-prevention and powdery mildew-prevention treatments – these treatments mainly employ copper and sulphur. We prefer to employ compost rather than chemical fertilisers.

To conclude, our philosophy is to give full expression to our out-of-the-ordinary terroir, by limiting productivist human influences which often disturb nature’s ways and which result in “production-line" wines.


› Grape-harvests

Grape-harvests are fully manual and grapes are meticulously selected.
Our harvest is de-stemmed and it is then put in wooden vats.

› Wine-making

Wine-making is carried out in a traditional fashion. The initial process takes between two and three weeks. Grapes are fully or partially de-stemmed - or not at all - depending on the cru and on the vintage in question.

Then the wines are put in barrels for about 18 months. (approximately 20% of the barrels are new ones).


Business reg. (SIRET) number: 316 503 317 00018 - 7, Place de l’Eglise, 21190 Volnay, Burgundy, France - Tel.: +33 (0) 380 216 274

At Volnay, in the Côte d'Or department in Burgundy, the Buffet family will be delighted to welcome you onto its wine estate and talk to you about the various wines and appellations it makes.